Relevant to dedicated servers and answering an inquiry from a dedicated server client:

Certainly it is bound to happen that someone gets blocked accidentally once in awhile - due to dynamic IP's and that the internet is truly a war zone:

Please keep in mind - on dedicated servers the firewall is complimentary and you can manage it anyway you see fit - even turn it off if you want.

We manage the hardware, the routers and switches, in this case the WHM/cPanel software and updates - and that is the extent of any hosting company regarding a dedicated server. If un-managed you are almost totally on your own for everything except if the server physically breaks and/or switches/routers.

Obviously we try to help our clients if we can and do nothing that we do not or would not do ourselves - for example the firewall to stop attacks and attempts to compromise the server or sites thereon.

However, as previously mentioned if you want to turn the firewall off, change it, or manage it yourself that is your prerogative/privelege - even if the server slows down due to attacks or legitimate traffic to the point of unusable this is not our problem as the only way we have to defend the server has been turned off/changed etc. - the server hardware is fine, the software updated - if that were the case for example Google would only have one server and hold somebody else responsible


Yet as indicated immediately above they own 12 self built data centers which a single data center can literally house thousands of servers.

The point of this being that we will always try to help our clients if we can - shared servers have no choice in the matter of firewalls etc. - dedicated server clients can basically do as they please as long as they do not violate the TOS - but the dedicated server client does not have to go with our advice or any other suggestion, not WHM/cPanel, no firewall etc. it is their server and choice.

On our network status screen only about two thirds of our client servers show - the other one third want to take complete care of their servers themselves so we do not monitor them at all. This is their request and privilege - it is their server. Not including the one server in Europe - these are our servers including yours as the official ARIN (the Internet Authority for North America) indicates and as you can see I am spot on that one third of them are not on the network status screen: http://whois.arin.net/rest/org/AIC-126/nets (Does not include our new Kansas City Data Center offering).

In any event, yes some people will be blocked accidentally or incorrectly when they get a bad IP due to dynamic IP change for example - but that is the consequence of not securing a static IP and possibly getting an IP that someone bad was using in the past on dynamic IP's.

Compare the IP reputation here for your current IP XX.XX.XX.XX - http://www.reputationauthority.org/lookup.php - it clearly shows the IP reputation being less then clean and one blocking agent has it listed as well - those companies that use the list you are blocked on - you cannot email them or contact them if you wanted - your banned from them sir --> dnsbl1.dnsbl.borderware.com

Irrelevant of our policies or opinion - all the links above are third party authorities in their relative roles and their opinions - not ours or those of BlueThunder Hosting.

Hopefully this clarifies things for you regarding our duties as the dedicated server provider and/or host - and the absolute truths of the internet, IP's, attackers, and the black lister's.

I intend to publish this on our knowledge base minus any specific client identification information like your IP etc. for future reference and clarification for any additional clients interested in the aforementioned policies/information.
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